Monster Pickup TRUCK

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Do you like monster pickup truck competitions? We have prepared a simulator for you, where you will drive a monster truck pickup for a multitude of scenarios, passing over cars, trucks, sports cars, houses, stones, boxes and a lot of objects that you will do complicate reaching the goal.
The monster truck or big foot are normal truck pickup that makes modifications of suspension, tires and motorization to perform the best shows in competitions in the US, Mexico and Europe, basically do freestyle racing or derby destruction competitions.
Come to the goal, become the best in the world and go to the hall of fame as they have done these machines: Avenger, Awesome Kong, Bear Foot, Beast, Bigfoot, Black Stallion, Blue Thunder, Captain's Curse, Carolina Crusher, Donkey Kong, The Crazy Bull, Equalizer, Goliath, Grave Digger, Higher Education, Just Show'n Off, King Kong, King Krunch, Mad Dog, Maximum Destruction, Monster Energy, Monster Mash, Monster, Mutt, No Problem, Pastrana 199, Predator, Rolling Thunder, Samson, Scooby Doo, Snakebite, Stomper Bully, Super Pete, Taurus, Twister, USA-1, Vette King and Virginia Giant.
How to play Monster Pickup TRUCK?
1. Sign in to compete globally
2. Play to start the race
3. Stadium to see in which situation of the ranking you are worldwide
Characteristics of Monster Pickup TRUCK
- World ranking of won games
- Images and simulation with realistic effects
P.D .: Do not stay like cockroaches upside down.

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APK आवृत्ती 5.0
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